On the first day, God said "Let there be horses". On the second day he painted them...

Free or Drastically Reduced Stud Fee?
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Come visit our new stallion Dunn With Tradition,
APHA Red Dun Overo
Lethal White Negative
and see what we're so excited about!

ere at Midnight Breeze paint horse ranch, we strive to produce the finest paint horses available. From Smokey Commander and Just Up In Smoke to our newest star Dunn With Tradition, we pride ourselves on both the paint horses we produce as well as the attention and devotion we give to them. After all, they are not just our life - they are our love.

Come with us as we lead you on a magical journey through breezy nights and midnight pastures into the land of paint horses. We have worked hard to give you something more than a few horse pictures, and we hope you enjoy the site and perhaps take something with you when you leave. Enjoy and blessed be...

Wonder where the kitty went?

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